Why Would You Want to Use Business to Business Marketing?

For the people engaged in business activities and have heard business to business marketing but have a vague idea of what it constitutes of, perhaps it is high time that they learn more about it especially if they want to reach larger base of audiences or consumers.First, what is a business to business marketing?In simple terms, it is that business activity that engages in selling services or products not to the consumers directly but to other business companies and organizations for the main purpose of allowing them to work and run. They are either resellers, product makers, non-profit organizations, or the administration. While they generate ample revenue from customer support, the main profit is being generated from other companies.An instance of successful business company or organization involved in such marketing is the non-profit business. While some of their funds come from the personal contributions of the people, majority of their profits come from government financial and companies’ support.Because of this enormous financial support, or in order to collect even bigger monetary support, the non-profit organizations operate in such a way that their services or goods are remarkable in which a large percentage of the buying public will patronize. Otherwise, it will be difficult to gather the loyalty and support from other companies and organizations.Non-profit business organizations and companies make this happen by trading themselves to these other companies and advertising for others them to see the advantage and benefit of dealing with them. By doing these, they should be able to come up with the best platform that shows the good factors why those other organizations should make their buying decisions favorable to them and not to their opponents.It is in this instance where business to business marketing strategy comes into the scene. There is another marketing strategy, which is the business to consumer, but in this kind, the business is engaged into supplying services and products directly into the buying public. As implied a while ago, the business to business engages into supplying the same into other companies and organizations.Essentially, the B2B has a significantly more aimed and definite market base as compared to the indefinite marketplace of the B2C. But while that is the truth behind the difference of these two marketing types, you must always remember that B2B is still has in mind the consumers or buying public to reach out.Meaning, the products and services they create, though are meant to be sold to another organization and company, will be consumed by the end-users, who are the buying public. So, in essence, the non-profit organizations are nothing if their products or services do not click to the buying public. In other terms, they are running and successfully operating largely due to significant customer demand.When you are engaged in a business to business marketing, you don’t just think of organizations and companies subscribing to your products or services. First and foremost, it is important to consider the objectives first of the customers when buying, satisfaction being the primary concern. The cost, delivery timing, class, quality, reputation of the brand name, accessibility and other factors, are what make for the decisions of these buyers.

Small Business Marketing Is Looking for New Relationships Just Like When The Beatles Broke Up

Forty years ago Paul McCartney announced a “temporary break with the Beatles.” He cited “personal differences” and added that he will no longer record with John Lennon.Ok, so that event was huge. But we’ve all experienced breakups and business breakups, internally or externally, have just as devastating an effect on life as the Beatles breakup did for their fans in 1970.Over the past few years, due to the explosion of social media, small business in particular has been breaking up with traditional media. In the case of small business, it’s not dictated by “personal differences” but rather by “economic differences.” Just as Paul, John, George and Ringo needed to break up to grow; small business marketing has to do the same thing.While many small businesses are uncomfortable with the social media “Revolution” and this new way to market, they know that they have to do something to stretch their marketing budgets and expand their reach. While it’s hard to say goodbye to partners, here are 3 ways to make the marketing breakup less painful and get you started with new relationships.1. Recognize that you are stepping out of your comfort zone and embrace this new opportunity that the world is giving you. The Beatles certainly left their comfort zone and each embraced their own solo careers, as scary as that might have been. Rest assured you won’t be single and on your own for long as social media is exactly that – social. You will begin finding new relationships immediately. And as an added bonus, social media is free, you only need to invest your time and not your dollars so keep your eye on your bottom line – you’ll love that you are saving marketing dollars. Social media will help you get your message out “Here, There and Everywhere” it needs to be.2. Know what you are. The Beatles knew that together and individually they were pop/rock stars. They didn’t try to be something else. They each knew their “niche” and for the most part, they stuck to it. Since you are embarking on a new marketing plan and will be starting new relationships, now is the time to re-evaluate and make sure you have defined very clearly what your niche is and stay true to it. Write down what your business is, who your customers are and what value you give your customers. If you are an ice cream store, don’t try to sell candied apples and hot dogs to compete with businesses down the street (yes that happened in my community with bad results!). When marketing, be clear about what you offer your customers and be clear about how you can help them. Don’t send messages that are “Helter Skelter.”3. Don’t put your eggs in one basket. The Beatles after their breakup recorded solo, recorded duets, worked with bands. Individually they grew because they kept doing different things within their niche. Small business marketing plans need to do that too. Don’t focus just on social media (although you really need to make that a big part of what you’re doing since it truly affects your bottom line), include a mix of traditional media, your customers for word of mouth advertising and always be on the look out for new ways to expand your reach. You’ve been in a one-sided long term marketing relationship for far too long – branch out “Across the Universe”, explore your options and make the most out of this new and exciting time to market and grow your business.When the Beatles broke up many thought it was the end of the world. When businesses have to make changes, some think that is the end of the world too. But remember, the Beatles each had their own successes after the breakup because each member knew who they were individually and embraced the opportunities given to them. The same holds true with small business. As long as you know who you are as a small business you take advantage of the new ways of marketing. By doing this you too will grow and succeed just like Paul, John, George and Ringo did.

Creating an Online Business Marketing Strategy to Be on Top of the Game

There is no doubt that the Internet is swarming with loads of opportunities– from communicating with people to generating additional income for the family. Online businesses are booming and more and more people start their new niche on the Internet every day. This is why creating an online business marketing strategy is also a hot thing, because online entrepreneurs want to be on top of their game too.¬†Online marketing is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services. E-business is directly connected to the internet and so online marketing helps a lot when it comes to promoting your online business. Where else are you supposed to do the marketing, right? OK, so you can also market offline, but the bigger market is found in the cyberworld, so your focus is naturally on it too. Besides, it’s more cost effective. Who wouldn’t want to save some cash these days?Formulating an online business marketing strategy helps you take care of your business by bringing in qualified leads from your potential clients who are in search of services or products that you are providing. When you apply an online marketing strategy, you get to save a lot of money and time. As you know, these two are prime commodities of business-both online and offline.There are internet marketing companies which offer services related to online marketing. Most of these companies offer services like web design and development, email marketing, search engine optimization or SEO, and pay per click (or pay per action). Although you can learn all of these yourself, it will take a lot of your time and you will surely not be able to focus on the other aspects of your business. Opting to hire someone to do them may be beneficial especially if you are preparing for a big start.These days, people tend to go online first before going to the brick and mortar stores for whatever they need. It has been noted that the growth of online shoppers has risen dramatically during the last few years and this is because many consumers find online shopping a much more convenient way to shop. You no longer have to gas up or transport to the store, neither will you have to jump from one shop to another just to find what you want. With a simple click of the mouse, you can purchase what you need online and wait for it to be shipped right in front of your doorstep-no sweat! What could be more convenient than that?¬†And this is the very reason why it is important to create an online business marketing strategy that will help you become more visible. Being exposed to more people means being able to make more potential customers. This is also why ranking high in search engine results pages or being more active in affiliate marketing play an important role in staying on top of the game. If people see you, they’ll buy you.